Make earning by sharing the power of your computer

In April 2013, was born a new system called Coin Generation to get high gains, even higher than 100 US$ per day, by sharing the power of your computer (without sharing any data or information). If you sign up for free at this site, you can start a business that requires zero commitment but that leads earnings from the first day. The initial earnings are small but day after day grow up to great values.

For further information or if you decide to join the activity, please send me an e-mail, so that I can help you in case of problems during the registration at Coin Generation or to decide the best strategy for you. My e-mail address is:

All that is useful to know

The American company Digital Generation (DG, based in San Francisco) has created the system Coin Generation (CG) to use the processors (or CPU if you prefer) of all connected users, in order to do for their customers simulations and calculations very complex and heavy.
DG can use a % of your processor by installing on your computer a safe and harmless software called “ThreadManager”.
This way DG has the opportunity to take advantage of an immense computing power without having to buy super computer with enormous maintenance costs. In these savings there is the possibility for them to get high earnings and pay all connected users.

A safe Software

  • The American company that runs the service does not access the data of our computer, but accesses only the CPUs from which exploits a % of computing power. In addition, in the future it is expected an opensource version in order to allow anyone who is able to verify what exactly does the software installed.
  • The software has been checked by all the most important and reliable anti-virus / anti-malware of the world (about 50) and it is absolutely harmless to your computer.

How and how much you can earn

  • The earnings are achieved only when the computer is turned on and connected to the Internet. So even when the computer goes into stand-by mode the gains are stopped, then you have to turn off the stand-by mode.
  • The earnings are associated, as well as at the connection time of your computer to the Internet, even to the number of threads that are activated. Each thread that is activated allows you to earn up to 1 US$ per day (assuming a continuous connection of 24 hours).
  • Since the software is installed on your computer you start earning free thanks to a first thread (called trial thread) that has provided by the website and that has a duration of 30 days. When the 30 days expire the trial thread has generated 30 US$ gain (with not costs) and from that moment does not generate more earnings.
  • At any time you can buy any number of threads. But we must consider that the maximum number of threads that a single user can have is 100. From this it follows that a user at most can earn 100 US% per day through their own thread (3,000 US$ per month), not more. There is the possibility to increase earnings thanks to other factors that we see later.
  • It is possible to buy more threads even during the trial period of 30 days, without losing the free thread, so that it is in addition to those purchased.
  • The purchase of each thread (or better of its license) costs 50 US$ and has a duration of 365 days.

How you can withdraw earnings and make any deposits

  • The withdrawal of earnings can be done every day if you want, since the 15th day following the activation of the software (the 15 days are needed for the account verification, but in the next months this will be reduced to 5 days). This system allows to obtain very quickly the earnings, and makes this system one of the most secure and reliable on the Internet.
  • Any deposits (to buy new threads) can be done through online transactions with secure systems and well-known such as Paxum (a system similar to Paypal, which will be usable soon), bitcoin, credit cards and prepaid cards. In a short time you can also use direct bank transfers.
  • Withdrawals can be made like payments.

Examples of strategies to gain

  • You can wait until the end of the 30 day trial period and after add 20 US$ to the first 30 US$ you earned, to buy the first non-free thread (if at the end of the trail period you don’t buy at least one thread your registration expires). For example, if from now on every time you reach the gain of 50 US$ you decide to reinvest the amount to purchase and activate a new thread (without making withdrawals), in about 10 months you can buy all the 100 possible threads and from that moment on, you would have a constant daily gain of 100 US$, without having to reinvest anything. In addition, the initial investment would be only 20 US$ compared to a steady monthly income of 3,000 US$ (from the end of the 10th month).
  • To reach 100 threads (or fewer, depending on your goals and capabilities of your computer) in a shorter time, you need to buy more than one thread already in the early months (earlier you do it and more the system is accelerated). There are infinite strategies, but for example, if we spend 200 US$ in the first days to buy 4 threads in addition to the initial one, we could get 100 threads after less than six months or by investing 1,000 US$ you can get the goal in about 2 and a half months.

Increase your earnings enrolling other people

  • As anticipated, there is a way to increase earnings, without changing the number of threads owned. In fact, if a user enrols “under him” other users (called first-level referrals) and these begin to actively use the system, gaining every day thanks to their thread owned, the main user gains 20 % more on what each of the first-level referral gains. If your first-level referrals enrol other users “under them” the main user gains even 10 % more on the gains of these users (since they become its second-level referrals). Below you can see a diagram with an example in which the main user has only 2 people under him, each of these has only 2 others under him, and the latter have no one below.

Referral scheme

  • So it is convenient for everyone to enrol people under him (even if it is not absolutely mandatory). To do that you must access from the menu to “Personal” and then “Profile”, in the right part you can find the phrase “Referral links:″ (this is the one corresponding to my profile ). Copy the full link “″ (you’ll have a final number different from mine and then use your own) and give it to those who want to sign up under you. By accessing with this link the user will automatically become your first-level referral.

It is a legal system

  • This is not a Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme or similar systems since Coin Generation allows you to earn simply “renting” a percentage of your processor (CPU), it is not mandatory to have people under you, and the system will still work. Having a system based on a real service and not obliging its users to enrol other people to gain it is what makes the system completely legal and safe.

Limits on the number and type of users

  • Each person may register only once in its own name.
  • In the same apartment or office (assuming that there is only one internet line), you can subscribe up to 3 users (you included), but only if users are different people (eg relatives among them). In this case, however, no one can be the referral of the other (even 2nd level) and everyone has to use a proper mobile phone number and a bank account or card.
  • If you could have more internet lines in the same apartment (for example, a computer connected to wi-fi and another computer connected with an Internet key) you can subscribe the different users of the different computer users also as referrals.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals that a user can have (the limit depends only on your willingness and ability to enrol other people).

Some technical details

  • Currently you can install the software only on computers running Windows (from XP onwards) or Mac. Soon you can also use it with Linux.
  • You can not use the iPad or other tablet.
  • The use of Chrome can give some problems, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • It is necessary that on your computer the main updates are installed, especially all .NET Framework.
  • You need to turn off the automatic standby and hibernation, since if they work they would block the software and then you would interrupt the gain.
  • If a user has more computers (eg one at home and one at work), he can install the software on both of them, but the software can never be used simultaneously.
  • To “manage” a high number of threads (greater than 40-50) you must have a recent computer (less than 3-4 years), as older ones may not be powerful enough.
  • Even if you activate 100 threads typically slowdowns or problems don’t occur, thus allowing a normal use of your computer (always considering not old computers).
  • 100 threads consume less than 1 GB per month of internet traffic, this can also possible to use a normal internet key.

Paying taxes

  • There is no universal solution valid for all people and countries, since each one has its own specific situation that “oblige” him to ask to him accountant. In any case, I can specify the most common case. An employee, unemployed or a entrepreneur should declare all the profits taken from Coin Generation (this means all the payments actually made on you card or bank account).
  • In the case of controls of the authority it is sufficient, in general, to show the bank statements (card, bank account or similar) with all the transfers made.

Complete examples of costs and earnings

  • We can some calculations (even if approximate for simplicity) of possible gains and costs. Let’s say you only spend 20 US$ at the end of the first trial month to buy the first non-free thread, suppose you have a computer powerful enough to “hold” up to 100 threads (which is the maximum allowed), assume to leave your computer connected always 24 hours (that is the best case), and assume that you have no referrals below (that is the worst case). As the weeks and the months go by you will purchase new threads with the gains obtained without ever having to add any dollar. As I said, after 10 months you will reach the number of 100 threads and by this time you will earn 100 US$ per day (3,000 US$ per month). So at the end of the first year with an investment of only 20 US$ you will obtain 6,000 US$ in total, from which you can deduct the 20 US$ spent in order to have the total of 5,980 US$. From the second year onwards you will never put money in the system. You will gain 3,000 US$ per month, so 36,000 US$ per year, from which we have to subtract 5,000 US$ (total per year) to buy back the 100 thread licenses that expire annually. It follows that with these assumptions each year following to the first one the net gain is 31,000 US$.
  • If you decide to invest 1,000 US$ from the first day, to buy 20 threads in addition to the trial one, you would be able to get to 100 threads in about 2 and a half months, and this would lead to earn at the end of the first year (having already subtracted the 1,000 US$ invested initially) approximately 26,000 US$. From the 2nd year the situation is as already explained in the previous example.
  • All numbers are those received to your bank account or credit card, so without considering the taxes that each one has to pay.

Details about registration

After making the registration by entering your name (in the homepage you can enter a nickname, if you prefer), your email address and a password you need to do some preliminary tasks that allow the system to start the business. I list them for your convenience:

  • Click on the menu on “Personal” and then “Profile”.
  • In the rectangle on the left that has appeared enter your mobile number (without international prefix as the system automatically inserts it).
  • Click on the confirmation button and you will consequently get a text message to the number you specified (if this step does not work for any reason, you must re-enter the same number without changing it… try again after a few minutes and if it still does not get try again the next day, sometimes with the overload of servers it can happen). The SMS text contains a number, usually 5 digits, and you need it for the next step.
  • Reply to the message writing an SMS message that contains exclusively the 5-digit number to which I referred earlier. Be aware that this way you are sending an international SMS, so it will require a slightly higher cost than that of your typical SMS in your country (so you must have the credit on the phone, but generally few cents are enough). Moreover, from when you receive the text message you have 60 minutes to answer.
  • After you send the text message, on the webpage will automatically appear a green writing “Successful verification Thank you”, with which you have concluded this phase.
  • Then click on the “Download” button on the menu and a window will appear asking you to install a software (you have to choose between the version for Windows and Mac). Accept and install it wherever you want on your computer. At the end of the installation it will ask you to start it and accept it. From this moment the system is active and you’re starting to gain, because with the installation of the software you are allowing the company that owns the software to use a % of the CPU of your computer (not that this company cannot in no way to access your data and your computer files, as it only uses the computing power).
  • A note: to ensure that the software continues to run and then to make you accumulate gains it is necessary that its window (a window with dark background titled “ThreadManager”) is always open, you can only lower it on the bottom bar but never close it. It is also required that on your computer are turned off standby and hibernation.